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What Is All This Talk About Royal-T Anyway?

It's much more than just a name or's a lifestyle......a way of life!  We strive to always demonstrate ROYALTY in performance, service and equipment!  

We pride ourselves in confidently stating that we can work with any/all budgets ranging from $0 - $1,000,000,000,000

We firmly believe in the old African tradition of barter/trade, so there is always a way to complete a contract/agreement.  Both parties simply have to agree upon the details of the agreement.  

You may have a venue but need someone to organize/bring in the talent.  You may be in need of a sax player to provide light ambiance during your Christmas party, or maybe live piano to spice up your cocktail party?!?  You may have a job that occasionally has to set-up events that may require entertainment of some sort.  You may be interested in providing a full band to pump the crowd during your wedding reception, or a piano, drum and sax trio for your elegant event?!?  We even have access to harp players, folk drummers, dramatic arts, pole dancers, and school performance shows! 

Hotels, birthdays, corporate events, churches, museums, parks, festivals.....really doesn't matter!  

Royal-T Entertainment is at your service.....

Whatever it is, rest assured that it will be delivered with the ROYAL touch...WE ARE ROYAL-T!!!


We also provide quality musical instruction on any/all instruments to anyone 5-yrs of age and older.  All of our instructors are certified and/or professionally trained and groomed with extensive experience.  We guarantee quality instruction and even boast of a 9-month competency results!  

Just think, it may only take you approximately 1-year for you to begin your personal musical career.  You can actually solicit for your very own gigs and performances around town!  By training with Royal-T, you are instantly given the opportunity to work in our of any annual charges/fees!


All lessons taught in the convenience of your home or at a designated studio determined by your instructor.


Click on the 'Contact' tab and fill out an email submission detailing your interest and desire.  Provide us with knowledge about your musical experience [or lack thereof] so that we can set you up with the best-matched instructor for your specific need(s)!



Call Today

1 (323) 424-1641 voicemail only


Dez 'The Pharoah' Glover is the Owner/Sole Proprietor of Royal-T Entertainment and strives to keep providing you with quality music and musical experiences that you can enjoy.  Dez continues to pledge daily commitment to KEEPING LIVE MUSIC ALIVE!  She realizes that YOU are a vital part of the success of live music in our communities, so please continue to join in on the efforts to KEEP LIVE MUSIC ALIVE!  We need your participation, your purchases, your attendance, and your continued support as well....


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