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W.E. Show


Stay Tuned for a Remarkable Show Featuring Comedic Skits, Dynamic Interviews, Inspiration, Motivational Clips, Live Performances & Much More.  

This show features a plethora of angles of expression all centered around World Equality, Women's Enlightenment, World Elevation, Women's Empowerment, World Edification, etc!  It's a show about You, Me, Us & all that is takes for us to UNITE!!!

The laughter will cause you to chuckle but evaluate your dispositions.  The interviews will cause you to think but forge on to higher heights.  The topics will cause you to cringe but develop a more heightened awareness & less sensitivities, etc!

Join Us 2024 For The Debut of

The W.E. Show

Hosted By:  Laura Roberts & Dez 'The Pharoah' Glover


An Audio/Visual Podcast


Hosted by:

Dez 'The Pharoah' Glover  &  DeLana 'TAHGEE' Mitchell

"From Serious to Naughty"


A grown folks conversation about various topics & issues in the world & present life.  This show is funny, inspirational, raunchy, intimate, sexy & provocative in so many different ways!  Relationship/Relating advice is often shared & discussed on this platform, even advice on amicable break-up procedures, etc.  You have to have the experience to even understand.  

The crowd is friendly, warm & typically end up forging new bonds & friendships that are lasting, sincere & on-going.  We encourage everyone to come into the room with an open mind, an open heart, a snack & a drink of some sort!  Although the theme of the show is about being fully & whole-heartedly YOURSELF, we typically see lives changed & minds expanded from all of the nuggets of truth that take place in this Sacred Space!

Dez 'The Pharoah' Glover

Our Host has been submerged in the Entertainment Industry from a very ripe age & continues to forge a mark in the community, with visions of Taking Over The World with Live Music personally written & created by his/her very own hands!  The Pharoah does NOT hesitate to acknowledge that all gifts given come from The Creator & for that The Pharoah is extremely grateful.  It is with a humble heart, mind & soul that Dez lives, thrives & strives in this world!  A performing multi-instrumentalist, The Pharoah lives life forging friendships, building bridges from one gig to the next and networking for the sake of creating business partnerships & events, etc.  Dez is the Owner/Sole Proprietor of Royal-T Entertainment, Glover's Accessories & also provides a remarkable Barbering Service to choice customers.   She is  force to be reckoned with...!


Visit the personal Facebook page created to represent 'I SAID WHAT I SAID' by clicking on the neighboring link.  

DeLana 'TAHGEE' Mitchell

Our Co-Host has single-handedly raised & reared 2 successful additions to society, & poured into their lives without much guidance or assistance from the outside world!  DeLana is loved & admired by many who have known and/or gotten to know her impressionable personality.  Travel is her comfort sport & she has a mouthful to share about it.  She also boasts of fulfilling her passions & looks forward to continue travelling the world & soaking up much more of the worlds' beauty!  Her interests vary & her opinions are often clashing with the Hosts', however we believe this is what makes for a successful viewing/listening experience for our audience.  The comedy, advice & interjections are ALWAYS/ALL WAYS readily available & entertaining from this amazingly beautiful counterpart. 


Visit the personal Facebook page created to represent 'I SAID WHAT I SAID' by clicking on the neighboring link.  

Words From Your Host:

We address a wide variety of topics & even accept topics from our listening audience.  You can either chime in by typing into the comment section OR you can join us on the LIVE Zoom video portion so that everyone can see your face!?!  


Tap In @Dez Glover on FaceBook LIVE

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