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Providing quality musicians, singers, bands, groups, entertainers, artists, comedians, dancers,  DJ's, emcees, etc...

Also providing quality music lessons to those interested, as well as event/party planning!

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We Accept Any/All Budgets  $0 - $1,000,000,000,000

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Becoming A Client of R.T.E.?

A client is anyone who wishes to hire any employee and/or service from R.T.E.

Want to book entertainment?  Well it's as simple as:

1) Contact us using the 'Contact' tab on this website OR email [email protected] OR text/call (323) 424-1641 msg only

2) Provide details about your specific request so that a contractual agreement can be written

3) Return the signed contract to R.T.E. via email, mail or cell picture

Royal-T will show up to deliver your requested service as scheduled.  We promise to be on time with top quality entertainment and behavior!  


We accept any & all budgets $0+

Becoming An Entertainer w/ R.T.E.?

You will be asked to complete the following steps:

1) Submit your letter of interest describing your talent(s) and abilities to R.T.E. via email [email protected] OR this website

2) Complete the registration process [Portfolio/Pix, Demo/Sample Music, Resume, Paperwork, Etc]

3) Begin your journey with R.T.E.!  You will begin receiving texts about performance/gig opportunities that fit your skill set.  It is up to you to accept or deny, once you accept we expect for you to show up and represent the BRAND of Royal-T Entertainment.  

That means, you must show up and 

display your ROYAL-T!!!

Becoming A Supporter of R.T.E.?

We Always Welcome Donations, Support, Assistance, Etc.  We would more than welcome your support in any form, we believe in unity in numbers.  

If you would like to make a charitable monetary donation or give us your no-longer desired musical equipment, just follow these simple steps:

1) Send equipment, checks, or money orders [Payable to Glover Entertainment] to P.O. Box 2124, Sun City, CA 92586 

2) Expect to receive your thank you letter along with a receipt that can be used for your tax deductions

3) Look forward to receiving invitations to events from R.T.E. because you will be given a discount of 20% off ticket prices [some conditions may apply]

Thanks In Advance...!

SAXUAL DEVIANTS:  One of our top groups has been honored to grace various stages and platforms with their blissfully satisfying musical performances.  Under the musical direction of Dez 'The Pharoah' Glover, 'Saxual Deviants' continues to be the highlight of performance venues around the city.  

They are always available for booking at your next party, corporate event, reunion, festival, musical, concert in the park, event, or venue.  If interested leave voicemail:  (323) 424-1641  or  [email protected] [Remember ALL budgets are welcome, $0 - $1,000,000,000]!  CALL NOW

Also, check out more from Saxual Deviants at: or also on YouTube.

You can also purchase origin music [@ CD Baby] performed by Saxual Deviants & Dez 'The Pharoah' Glover at:

Royal-T Entertainment is always looking for more fresh talent [not necessarily young, but fresh] to work under the title of Royal-T, and to be spotlighted on our active performers list, as well as on our website. 

Bands, groups and solo artists are given the chance to shine at Royal-T Entertainment.  Shortly after being placed on the list of available talents under R.T.E., our artists are able to light up the stage with their performance magic.  Each performance is presented with careful thought and displayed with a ROYAL essence.  

Sign-up today to become an active artist of Royal-T Entertainment.  All you have to do is send us an email or give us a call so that we can discuss your musical abilities and future with Royal-T!

Saxual Deviants @West Adams Jazz Festival [For Booking: 323-424-1641]
Saxual Deviants @Pride, Praise & Perfection II in Riverside 2017! 'Miracle'

Royal-T Music Lessons

Theory, Counterpoint/Harmony, & Proficiency On Any/All Instruments

Private Music Lessons:  

$15/half hr OR 30/hr

On any/all musical instruments, for all ages 5 +.  Can be designed according to the specific need and desired musical direction.  Definite musical accomplishments within 9-mos!

Private lessons = $15/30-mins OR $30/hr

Private lesson hourly discount rate = 


[based upon weekly 1-hr schedule]


[based upon weekly 1-hr schedule]

Group Music Lessons:  


Scheduled quarterly and are given in accordance with the requested need. Sign-ups end Jan 31, Mar 31, Jun 30, Sep 30

60-min Classes held weekly/quarter

Group lesson rate = $60/mo 

[gives 4-hrs of credit, valid for 1-mo...YES ROLL-OVER CREDITS ARE AVAILABLE, ASK YOUR INSTRUCTOR!]

Group lesson discount rate =

$500 adv credit 

[valid for 1-yr]

Private Theory/Counterpoint:  


Can be designed according to the specific need/desire.  Proficiency within 9-mos!  Ability to chart and write within several months...

Private class rate = $15/half hr OR $25/hr

Private class hourly discount rate =


[based upon weekly 1-hr schedule]


[based upon weekly 1-hr schedule]

Group Theory/Counterpoint:  


Scheduled quarterly and are given in accordance with the requested need.  Sign-up by visiting [email protected]

Group class rate = $20/class 

Depending on Session Topic(s), Prices May Vary!

Providing Quality Musical Instruction For


Flute - Clarinet - Bass Clarinet - All Saxophones - Recorders - French Horn - Baritone Horn - Tuba/Sousaphone - Mellophone - Trombone - Trumpet - Oboe - Bassoon - Piccolo - Tenor Horn - Flugel Horn - Bugle/Cornet - Piano/Keyboard - All Percussion


Pop - Rock - Classic Rock - Funk - Soul - R&B - Blues - Country - Indie - Electronic - Digital - Jazz - Hip Hop - Reggae - Folk - Banda - Classical - Concert/Orchestra - Etc.

To Enlist Music Instruction:  Simply click on the 'Contact' tab and fill out an email submission.  Please provide us with some basic info about your lesson/class request.  Someone will contact you promptly about scheduling and enrollment.

Certified & Professionally Trained Instructors

We Guarantee Quality Instruction!

Event Details & Info

For Full List, Please Click On EVENTS Tab!!!

Special Thanks to All Those Who Attended Our Live Video Shoot on 6/30!  We Sincerely Appreciate Your Continued Love & Support.  Be On The Lookout For Saxual Deviants Video(s)...SOON!


Sept & Dec = Music Theory Workshop Sessions

Please Visit our 'EVENTS' tab for registration info!

Visit our 'CONTACT' tab to submit your request for musician(s)!  We work with any/all budgets, so don't hesitate....PLACE YOUR ORDER TODAY!  It just takes slight negotiation, signed contract/commitment & BOOM, you're on your way!!!

Visit our 'MERCHANDISE' page for reasonably priced hand-crafted jewelry items to compliment your musical serenade!

$10 General Admission  [$8 Advance Tickets]

$15 V.I.P. [bottl​e of wine, reserved seating area-1st come 1st served]

$25 Platinum Exclusive V.I.P. [bottle of wine, assigned seat just for you, 

special recognition, autographed item, special treats, etc]

Light Bar [House Drink] - Live Entertainment - Smoke Area - D.J. - GiveAways - Raffles - Dancing


Featuring:  'Saxual Deviants' 


Sampler CD's = $10

*SPECIAL WEBSITE DISCOUNT = $5 Discount on any VIP/Platinum Exclusive VIP

Simply click on the 'Contact' tab & send us an email & reference this discount by title

FOR TICKETS:  [323] 424-1641

Let Us Provide Entertainment @ Your Next Event.....Just Give Us A Call - We Can Do It ALL!!!


(323) 424-1641 msg only

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